Upstate Gives Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Upstate! Today we give thanks to you, our readers, who have been of immense support as has grown in the past year. We give thanks to the musicians, bands and artists who bring music into this world, to the venues, promoters and fans that make the Upstate music scene such a vibrant and positive one.thanksgiving

We asked some musicians and promoters from around the state what they are most thankful for and here’s what they said:

Greg Bell (owner/promoter, Guthrie/Bell Productions) I am thankful for my wonderful wife, Marilyn, who has supported me throughout my career as a promoter. For almost 23 years, she has put up with my bitching about different aspects of the job. She doesn’t get angry when shows lose large amounts of money. She doesn’t get mad when I come home at 4 in the morning two or three times a week (occasionally with a good buzz on). Most married men that I know would be shot for the things my wife lets me get away with. I guess that’s why my friends call her Saint Marilyn. Thanks honey .

Scott Hannay (Mister F, Capital Zen): I’m always thankful for so many things, but what sticks out this time of year is the love and support of my family and friends. Doing what we do isn’t easy, and they certainly help to relieve some of the pressure. I am also thankful for the upcoming 3-week southern run with Mister F, and for all the new opportunities this band has helped bring into my life.

Kevin Calabro (Royal Potato Family): I’m thankful for the earth, the air, the trees, my beautiful wife and my family. Speaking to music specifically, I’m thankful to all of the amazing artists I work with (too many to mention here), who create the music that helps make the world crackle with song and spirit. And I’m thankful to all of the real music fans out there who’ve kept Royal Potato Family alive for five years now. No small feat for a record label in the 21st century. We’re especially thankful to the music lovers that go to record stores or visit our website and pick up what we’re releasing on physical formats. Their appreciation for these beautiful records is what makes us most happy!

Josh Holtzman (Blue Stream Productions): There are many aspects in life to be thankful for especially this time of year but what I’m most thankful for are the people I’m surrounded by within Blue Stream Productions, Aqueous, Iron Works and the entire music community. There aren’t many industries where we all work together to achieve a goal: to bring happiness and joy through music. Thank you to all the artists, managers, agents, promoters and venue owners for making this a beautiful cooperative effort.

Jason Gilly (Ocupanther): Wow. I’m thankful for so much. It’s hard to narrow it down. Off the top of my head, I’m thankful for my band and the chance to get to write, record and perform original music with people I love, and to be able to play with so many peers and friends from this region and beyond. I’m thankful for the good health of my friends and family, as well as myself. I’m thankful for all the wonderful music going on around me, almost constantly, and for the Northeast music community as a whole. And I, as well as the rest of the guys in Ocupanther, are thankful for ! Happy Holidays!

Mike McDonald (Formula 5): I am thankful for being given the opportunity to write and perform music that I love with some of my best friends. I am beyond grateful for the support I’m given in following my dreams from my family, friends and fans. I’m just plain grateful for everything that has come to me in this life.