Deadmau5 to Release, ‘5 Years of Mau5’

Since 2008, Deadmau5, aka Joel Zimmerman, has made quite the mark on the music scene as well as the public eye. Known for his giant mouse head, progressive electronic dance music and frequent tendency to openly speak his mind – Zimmerman’s rise to the top has been impressive and entertaining, to say the least. Setting himself far apart from your average “DJ” Mau5 considers himself more of an entertainer, often throwing together amazing and mind-blowing mixes and tracks on stage with cutting edge, advanced computer technology.

Photo credit YourEDM

Zimmerman believes that the term “DJ” is played out and no longer truly encompasses what some of these individuals do on stage.  He has headlined major events world-wide such as Itunes Music Festival, Lollapalooza, Budweiser’s Made in America, Virgin Mobile Free Fest and many more.  In Summer 2012, Deadmau5 became the first Electronic “DJ” to be given the honor of front page of the Rolling Stone.

Deadmau5 has announced that this winter, just in time for the holiday season, he will be releasing a double album set with all of his older material from his first two albums, as well as new remixes and songs and other artists on Zimmerman’s “Mau5Trap.”

Deadmau5 will be playing his next major festival at the Hard Day of the Dead Festival in Southern California on November 1. Fans can live stream the show and get up close and personal with him on Look for the release “5 Years of Mau5” November 25 with more details being announced at a further date.

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