Hearing Aide: ‘Gimp Nation’ by Mystery Crash


Hailing from Chicago, Mystery Crash is a three piece experimental psychedelic rock band that’s heavily influenced by electronic sounds. Formed in 2012 with the release of their first album Year of the Rabbit, Mystery Crash has said that “they want to explore the unexplored.” This psychedelic musical exploration has come to fruition in their newest EP Gimp Nation.

The EP has five songs, and coming in at a little over 18 minutes it showcases different styles throughout. Released in late 2013, Gimp Nation is the kind of album that could suit any mood. Their ambient sound is one that lends itself to a multitude of activities from driving, to doing school work, to dancing around your living room. Some parts have a nostalgic sound, like the last rainy day you had where all you did was watch movies in bed.10177480_812661268763208_8370632083866229391_n

The two most notable tracks are “Waterlogged” and “While I Sleep,” where you can really hear their influences coming through. Influenced by bands like The Talking Heads, The Flaming Lips, and LCD Soundsystem, Mystery Crash has taken their own approach to that style of music and has brought it to unchartered terrain. “Waterlogged,” the first song on the EP sounds like an old school STS9 and Bonobo love child. Ambient but still upbeat, it could be the soundtrack for floating down a river or through space. “While I Sleep” reveals a different part of their style. With its bass heavy riffs and vocals that sound like David Byrne tripping on acid, it’s catchy and low key kind of like Radiohead.

Mystery Crash’s essence can be found in their motto, that they want express “new and exciting ideas in a striking, powerful way.” Their new EP is definitely on the right track, and with a little more delving into their own depths I think they could accomplish just that.

Key Tracks: Waterlogged, While I Sleep

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