Pink Talking Fish Swimming Through Northeast This Fall

Pink Talking Fish, with the wonderful combination of musical influences from Pink Floyd, The Talking Heads, and Phish, will once again make their way around New York and the rest of the Northeast this fall.

The band loves to weave in and out of all three bands’ repertoires without a pause, making this band one of the most interesting tribute acts out there today. It’s no secret how much New York loves all three of these bands, and the band is playing the most shows in that state to satisfy the crowds. The first New York date is on October 18 at New York City’s The Cutting Room. The following Thursday and Friday will see the band tackle The Wescott Theatre and Putnam Den respectively.

“There’s some serious energy when it comes to live music in Upstate New York,” said Eric Gould, the band’s bassist. “I went to college in Ithaca so, between attending shows all around the region during my time there and touring with Particle, I have a special place in my soul for this music scene. So psyched about late night Bella Terra and the 1-2 punch of Syracuse/Saratoga. We are going to have no repeats between those 2 shows so that people have an opportunity for a multiple show run PTF experience and catch a bit of the “tour fever”.”

The last time they were at Putnam Den was a great show and it sounds like this time will be more of the same. The full tour can be seen below.

pink talking fish 2014

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