Venue Profile: The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Preserves History and Magnificence

Though indiscriminant from the outside, passing beyond the entry is a portal into another time. In an era during the booming peak of industrial America, Troy hustled and bustled with growth. As a result of successful patronage to Troy Savings Bank, a concert hall was gifted to the public. In 1870, the Board of Trustees of the bank moved its offices to a new building that included a music hall on the upper floor. George Browne Post was the hired architect.


The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall  is an acoustical marvel with no clear reason as to why. Many have attributed the sound quality to variables like hard walls, ratio to length, width and height, stage dimensions, interior design and textures. However, it wasn’t until 1890 when an Odell concert organ was installed that the hall reached it full acoustical potential. The organ was eight years old at the time of purchase belonging to millionaire William Beldon. The organ has remained untouched since its installation with the exception of routine maintenance. According to The Troy Savings Bank website, the organ is “the nation’s largest nineteenth-century concert organ in original condition.”


Just as a nation struggled with the ups and downs of the economy over the last hundred years, so had the hall. As the twentieth century developed the advent of radio and television provided cheaper and easier means of entertainment. However, in 1979, The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall Corporation was formed as a not-for-profit organization to restore and maintain the hall. In 1989, the hall was named a National Historic Landmark. Today, The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall is operational.TSBMH-5

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall continues to carry on tradition. Historically, a great musician of their time rarely failed to include the hall on an American tour. World-renowned performers are booked year round from singers and songwriters to orchestras and comedians. Every artist, every performance seemingly captures the essence and glory of the halls storied past. Every wooden chair is equipped with metal bars located on the back and on the underside of the seat. Hinting to the past, the bars held top hats and the scarves. Indeed, Troy Savings Bank preserves history and magnificence.

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