Fire At Frost Ridge Campgrounds

The owners of Frost Ridge Campground suffered another loss over the holiday weekend, when they lost their home to fire early Saturday morning.

The fire started around 12:30 a.m. Saturday morning at North Road near Conlon Road, the town of Le Roy. A passerby reportedly called the Le Roy Fire Department after observing flames coming from the building.

Le Roy Fire Company respond to a fire at the home of
Le Roy Fire Company respond to a Saturday morning fire at the home of David and Greg Luetticke-Archbell, owners Frost Ridge Campground. (Photo Credit: John Spaulding/Courtesy of Le Roy Fire Company)

In all, more than 20 fire companies responded to the scene, mostly in the form of tanker trucks, as the location lacked an antiquate source of water.

Home owners David and Greg Luetticke-Archbell, who also own the Frost Ridge Campground, were not home when the fire started, but reportedly appeared at the scene as firefighters attended to the blaze.

An explosion at the scene knocked a firefighter down, otherwise, no serious injuries were reported. Greg was transported to Strong Memorial Hospital for monitoring.

The origin of the fire is being investigated.

The family released the following statement Monday morning:

frost ridge

The Luetticke-Archbells and the Town of Le Roy have been embroiled in litigation over the perceived use of the campgrounds.  The events of which have been reported earnestly in The Batavian, an online newspaper that covers the town.

In recent past, the campgrounds have been used as an outdoor venue for concerts.  Neighboring homeowners have since complained to the town over excessive noise.  The town has since filed a lawsuit over zoning violations, claiming the campgrounds do not have the right to host such events.  The town has even gone as far as to state that the land is not zoned to permit campgrounds, despite the town’s Zoning Board of Appeals twice recognizing the business existed before a master plan was devised in 1967.