Is a Grateful Dead Reunion in the Works?

With the Grateful Dead‘s 50th anniversary slated for next year it’s starting to look like a true reunion tour is a possibility. Founding member Bob Weir as quoted in Rolling Stone: “We have to do something commemorative, I think we owe it to the fans, we owe it to the songs, we owe it to ourselves.” and “If there are issues we have to get past, I think that we owe it to ourselves to man up and get past them.”

Bob Weir - RatDog

Since Jerry’s death in 1995 there have been two partial reunion groups – The Other One’s in the late 90’s, and The Dead which last hit the stage in 2009. Since then, remaining members have remained at arm’s length in the split faction’s of Furthur (Weir/Lesh) and the Rhythm Devils (Hart/Kreutzmann) barely on speaking terms. Lesh has also stated he is retiring from “the tour bus” after 2014. There are definitely remaining hurdles to cross, but any glimmer of an original lineup Grateful Dead tour should have fans salivating with heady hope. Stay tuned…

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