Caustic Method Returns to Syracuse at Mac’s Bad Art Bar

New York natives Caustic Mmagazine2ethod, performed in Syracuse to promote their new album The Virus. They joined RUINATION, Killaton, Elevator Death Squad, Diamond Plate, and East of the Wall, at Mac’s Bad Art Bar on April 6th.

Caustic’s long awaited return brought new members as well as new material. The new lineup has been working well for the guys with the production of the bands third album and their very first video for the single, “The Virus”. The latest album is the first with the new members and speaks volumes to the bands dedication to their music. When they were unimpressed with the first cut of this album, after several hours and money spent, they threw it out and started fresh. The band decided to do things their way the second time around. The whole album, with the exception of “The Virus”, is improvised. Said Matt Caustic, “Everyone was like, ‘Caustic is back’, I didn’t know we went anywhere.”


Performing songs like “12 Step Suicide” and “The Virus”, the band brings new life to metal music. In a genre that makes it difficult to stand out, Caustic is not a band you can forget, and Matt will argue that point. “You can’t try to sound like anyone, you just have to do your own thing”, and they are doing just that. Matt Caustic’s years of experience shine through while he is on stage. He is powerful while still being understood. Darrin Scott on the guitar brings a rock star quality that few metal bands have. He is a seasoned artist whose value to this band is very clear as soon as he begins to play. Angel Rivera on the drums is incredibly talented with his unique style. Bass player and newest member, Eric Maliszewski, plays flawlessly with the band as if he has been playimagazine3ng with these guys for years. I have been a Caustic Method fan for years and have seen several different members in this band. Something clicks when these guys are on stage. This is it – they have finally found the perfect combination of talent. Matt Caustic being the only original member believes they have finally made the band he has been looking for. “When I look to my right I know he has my back, to my left, he has my back. That was missing before.”

These guys are not only talented but they are also the kind of musicians you can respect. Their dedication to the music they play is inspiring. At the end of the night, before performing “Anti-hero”, Matt proclaims, “The world needs more metal heroes”. I think he is right, and I think the members of Caustic Method are the perfect candidates. They sure have my vote.

Check out Caustic this summer and look them up on Facebook!

May 11th The Cove. Geneva, OH

June 6th Trishstock 2014. Locke, NY

June 15th Montage Music Hall. Rochester,NY

June 19th Three Fat Guys Bar. Syracuse, NY

June 28th Macs Bad Art Bar. Mattydale, NY

July 6th American Legion Post 80. Binghamton, NY

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