Metal Night declared on Saratoga Springs

Metal Heads in Saratoga Springs will be delighted to hear about METAL NIGHT, Wednesday, March 19th at Putnam Den.

Mobile Deathcamp, and their vicious guitars, will be headlining the show with local bands Satan Place, Dark Matter, and Jesus Christ and the Hallucinogenic All Stars.

Ohio’s own Mobile Deathcamp has been blowing audiences away since 2008. Todd Evans, known as “Beefcake The Mighty “, formed the band after a six-year stint with metal’s biggest shock bands,  GWAR.  Bassist Boe Skadeland and drummer Chad Smith teamed up with Evans to form this musical terror packet.

Deathcamp’s music has been described by critics as “not overly flashy” and devoid of “self-indulgent, ego-stroking pretense” and a sound that will “blow your mind” with aggressive growls and a rhythm section that induces action from the crowd.

Satan Place describes their own music as heavy ‘groove’ metal. They have an even measurement of old school metal combined with newer elements currently arising in the metal genre.  As for their inspiration to play, Satan Place took to their Facebook to say,  “We play because we all enjoy creating music and just simply melting faces.”

Jesus Christ and the Hallucinogenic All Stars are directly from Saratoga Springs.  The band, described as heavy and psychedelic, gained local notoriety in 2011 when they organized a flash mob on Caroline Street as they performed from the back of a truck.

Doors open at 8 pm with performers starting at 9 pm. Tickets at the door for attendees 18 and older. Prices start at $7 for 21 and over and $12 for underage. Putnam Den is located at 63A Putnam Street.

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