Upstate Metal is Merging with

It is rare to find a music fan who devotes their time to only one type of music. When speaking with the musicians that you read about on our websites, you will find a huge diversity of bands that had influenced their love for music.

And, that is the basis behind our most recent change.


is excited to announce its merger with Upstate Metal. Both have operated for several years as a subsidiaries to the Gold Star Publications, catering to an exclusive demographic of fans.  Each, however, has focused on the same mission – to promote live music and the local talent here in the Empire State.

Through the years, we have come to recognize the best way to follow through with this mission statement of ours would be to combine our efforts.  Music fanatics appreciate a wide spectrum of sound that carries them through different genres.  As these tastes mature and musicians continue to push the envelope on the characteristics that define their given category, it has become difficult to discern where one genre ends and another one begins.

In the coming weeks, regular readers of may notice a few new names.  With the merger, we welcome within the talented writers and photographers that helped earn success for Upstate Metal.  This talented group of writers, photographers and editors will only enhance our ability to spread great music across the state to bring you the coverage you have already come to expect from us.  Some faces will be the familiar, Upstate Metal’s Editor, Jim Gilbert, has also been ‘s Photo Editor for the past year.  Writers Jeremiah Shea and Joy Houle have shared their words with both publications and photographers Darren Kemp and Tom Miller have shot for Upstate Metal.  Upstate Metal’s News Editor, Michael Hallisey, will also be sharing the News Editor position with existing News Editor, Kristen Mack-Perry splitting the state to give readers more news in a timely manner.  Other new faces will be popping up in and like always, we expect readers to enjoy their work as much as we do.

In addition, you should expect to see a new look to our website very soon.  It is not all about aesthetics. We promise this will help all of our readers to navigate clearly by region, genre, and news category.

Welcome to the new !


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