Railroad Earth returns to The Town Ballroom with a New Album and New Jams

Railroad Earth wasted no time plunging into a night full of new and old songs to a solid crowd at The Town Ballroom on Wednesday, February 12th. Fans talked of how great the last show was and expected the same and tonight’s show turned out to be just as good.


Have Gun, Will Travel opened the show with a very Rock and roll feel which got the early crowd’s blood flowing. Have Gun, Will Travel is a band that is from Brandeton, Florida and their sound is very authentic with touches of Americana, folk, and rock. Their high energy clearly got everyone moving and was a perfect start to what was going to be an incredible evening.

Railroad Earth came out to thunderous applause that has welcomed them many times in the Buffalo area. The group from Stillwater, New Jersey belted into “Black Elk Speaks” getting the crowd’s energy level up. Todd Sheaffer (vocals, guitar) led them through the first set with “Chains”  and closed out the set with “Just So”.The second set began with one of their newest singles of their brand new album Last Of The Outlaws, “Chasin A Rainbow” and is accompanied by some catchy fiddling by the very talented Tim Carbone, who sliced through the crowd and picked them up over and over throughout the song as well as other times throughout the night.

John Skehan (mandolin, bouzouki, piano) and Andy Goessling (banjo, guitar, dobro) traded several solos throughout the night with Carbone, with their progressive jams making every song interesting and fun. Goessling is truly talented, switching to a number of instruments throughout the night and making each instrument different and unique at the same time. Andrew Altman (bass) the newest member of the band added a lot of youth and creativity throughout the night playing both the stand up bass as well as the electric bass. Sheaffer didn’t say much and with his bass vocals and occasional guitar solo didn’t need to, it was displayed on his very humble smile as he would survey the crowd, he was living in the moment. Closing the set with fan favorites “The Jupiter & The 119 > Cuckoo Medley” reminded how good the group was playing with each other, as each member took on a progressive solo. The encore closed out the evening  with “Monkey”, another catchy song off their newest album. RRE has been gaining a lot of speed over the last few years and is one of the tightest groups of well rounded musicians that can produce greatness at any point of the show; they did it several times in Buffalo and it won’t be the last time.

Set 1: Black Elk Speaks, Untitled #12, Walk Beside Me, Chains, Little Bit-o Me, Daddy-o, Just So You Know, Bread And Water

Set 2: Chasin A Rainbow, Dandelion Wine, Saddle Of The Sun, One The Sun Gets In Your Blood, Colorado, Walls Of Time, Hangtown Ball, Goat, Jupiter & The 119>Cuckoo Medley

Encore: Monkey

Have Gun, Will Travel

Railroad Earth

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