Greensky Bluegrass Entertains The Town Ballroom on a Winter-Laced Wednesday

Fans of all music genres convened at The Town Ballroom on Wednesday, February 5th. It was a heck of a storm all day  long in the Buffalo area, however, it didn’t keep the die hard music lovers away.


Tumbleweed Wanderers opened the night off and came out strong despite nearly missing out on the opportunity because their van had broken down. They got the crowd ready for the nights headliner and gained a solid reaction from there on stage flare to their great sound. The Tumbleweed Wanders, hailing from a much warmer climate in Northern California mentioned the cold on a few occasions.

Headliner Greensky Bluegrass may be a bluegrass band but have hints of all sorts of genres and know how to get a crowd involved. Greensky’s uncanny ability to get the crowd moving with uplifting jams also featured one of the best light shows to date for the bluegrass scene. The quintet from Michigan is led by all members at any given time. Dave Bruzza (guitar), Anders Beck (dobro), Mike Devol (upright bass), Mike Bont (banjo) and Paul Hoffman (mandolin) all know how to step up and take charge, as was apparent throughout the night. If you had looked through the crowd it was apparent fans were really having a good time.  The band wasted no time and jumped right into it, showing that they were ready to play right out of the gate. There was plenty of banter throughout the night, saying how cool it was to play in Buffalo despite the weather. In true Greensky Bluegrass tradition, they took a song and really made it their own with their rendition of Bruce Springsteen’s “Atlantic City” into brilliant bluegrass.

The Tumbleweed Wanderers

Greensky Bluegrass

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