Prepare Yourself: Spiritual Rez Returns to Red Square on Saturday February 8th

This weekend, Albany, NY is going to get hit with a massive storm and there will be no snow involved. The tropical reggae sensation, Spiritual Rez, from Boston, will be unleashing their unrelenting dance party at Red Square on Saturday February 8th. The seven-piece ska funk band is the best thing to come out of Boston since baseball and chowder. They have played some of ’s top festivals last year such as The Catskill Chill and Backwoods Pondfest. Spiritual Rez’s music is unpredictable as they segue from a chill reggae groove into a heavy metal scream fest and then a full on ska free for all. As explosive as their instrumental music is, they have lyrics that everyone can relate to about everything from falling in love to fighting for their right to party.


Lead singer Toft Willingham is a pro at revving up the crowd as he thrashes all over the stage and loves to compete with the audience on who can be louder. This is a band that you want to party with, from beginning to end and still want to hang out with the morning after. Spiritual Rez has a new album being released on Saturday February 15th, Apocalypse Whenever. The album has already been voted as one of the Top 30 on the radio chart on They are hitting the road hard this spring and its only part one, as they travel all over the Northeast and make their way down the coast. Check their website for a list of their tour dates. Below is their official music video for “Don’t Be Afraid” off of Apocalypse Whenever and if you like what you hear, you can pre-purchase their new album on iTunes.

Tickets are $7 online and $10 at the door to this 21+ event at 8pm with Suitable Groove starting the night at 9pm. Albany’s own, Suitable Groove, is a four-piece hard hitting funk rock band that you won’t want to miss as this band is sure to be no stranger to the growing music scene in the Capital District. This Saturday night will be the best way to shake the snow from your soul and breathe in the summer sound of Spiritual Rez.

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