Thanks be for Timbre Coup and Solaris at Red Square

The jamtronica trio Solaris finally returned to Albany on Thanksgiving Ever, after a summer full of festivals and shows all over the East Coast. The boys hit Red Square with a blast of energetic beats and melodies to a small dedicated crowd. Their sound gives you the feeling as if you are soaring through outer space with the top down in a Jaguar F-TYPE as you blast a fusion of  rock n roll, 80s techno and metal at top volume. They are one of the few bands where you can appreciate their sound individually and in unison as it makes for an unforgettable show every time. One of the highlights of the night was when guitarist Dan Gerken from Timbre Coup joined them on stage, adding raw attitude and explosive dance party. Solaris has big shows lined up in their hometown of Ithaca, including opening for the international dance punk band, !!! (Chk Chk Chk) on Saturday, December 14th at the Haunt and ringing in the New Year at The Gates December 31st.

After Solaris’ long opening set, Timbre Coup took their turn and played well into the night. A regular treat in Albany, Timbre Coup gave a powerful performance on Thanksgiving Eve, heavy on improvisation. After a hypnotic synth jam and “55” to open the show, fan favorites “August” and “June” came early in the two hour set, with Matt Pickering’s vocals on “June” a fine pairing with the entrancing beat. ________(video) had a 1980s Nintendo game feel via Andrew Chamberlain, while Steve Mink, guitarist for Digital Dharma, sat in on _________. The heavy improv night was rounded out with two of the band’s more popular improve vehicles – ‘How to Fly a Kite’ and ‘Arnold Schwarzenegger’. Timbre Coup show the influence of prog-rock bands like Umphrey’s McGee, but convert this into their own sound, a defining characteristic of the rising tide of bands making their own mark on the scene. Satisfied and hungry for turkey, the crowd dispersed back to their families, another Thanksgiving Eve of partying and dancing at Red Square in the books.