Heart of Hand, bassist split


It was reported Monday that Brit-rockers, Heart of Hand had parted ways with their bassist, Carl Martin.

The band released a statement over Facebook and Twitter recognizing Martin for being there “from the start” and complimenting him for playing “a huge part [in] shaping Heart in Hand into what it is today.”

The announcement did not go into detail into why they decided to sever ties with one another, only in that there were no “hard feelings” and that Martin was moving on to other ventures.

When I reviewed their CD “Almost There” this past May, Martin was not listed among the band members (and that’s likely my fault).  Nonetheless, I found the core musicians within the band to be extremely talented, even likening them to Dream Theatre.  Overall, the instrument play was sharp and had nothing but compliments to share for them.  It will be interesting to see how his departure will effect the band’s overall sound.

No other news could be found about where Martin is going next.

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