Doomsday Device Studio Update

Doomsday Device, while producing their own music, has decided to step into the studio so they can record a full length album. I contacted Mike (guitarist) about seeing what maybe in store and what they’ll be looking forward to on the way in and what to bring out.

doomsday deviceUM: So you’re going into the studio, I know you guys generally are self-produced but what kind of feelings are going through your head going into this?

DD: So far we have done self at home recordings. Whenever we record or write we try to go someplace we have not gone before. This meaning a feeling or and idea. we usually start with a brief direction we wanna go in. example being super heavy or thashy, monodic, or evil sounding and go from there. Curtis “on guitar I try to portray my riffs as if they were emotions and what my emotions would sound like in this setting” Jim “I try to accent the ideas put in front of me by playing what I feel is the right part to go with the riffs or lyrics.” We all are trying to keep an open mind going into the studio being it will be our first time. We wanna be able to walk in and learn as a band from the producers but also from ourselves. We wanna be able to walk out being a stronger band as a whole but stringer musicians individually!

UM: What caused you to stray away from the DIY route?

DD: We are staying away from the “diy” because we wanna have a better product in the end! We love recording and having the time to do it but it never comes out as most of the studio stuff these days and we wanna have the high quality sound. We are not looking at having a super produced product being we wanna still have the raw sound of the music. WE WILL NOT be using digital drums! EVER! JIMI LEE will be laying down his own tracks with his own drums. As good as digital production drums sound they are not real and we wanna be able to look back and remember playing each note that is recorded!

UM: Where will you be recording at?

DD: We are recording at WAAV studios in Syracuse, they have worked with many bands like Ghostxship, Jonestown, Circle the Suffering, Ripped Apart, How to Disappear Completely and more and look forward to working with these talented guys!

UM: Anyone special who you’re looking forward to working with?

DD: The guys at WaaV studios Jay, Devon and Ian! We can’t wait to work with these guys! They really are some of the coolest dudes in the area and we are honored to have them in our corner here. We also have a couple secret guest that wanna have come in and be part of our process. We are also going to have some guest vocals on the album but cant tell that info either!

UM: Is there anything new you’ll be trying with this album that you haven’t done before?

DD: As far as new stuff, we are always trying to progress forward. We are going into the recording studio for the first time to record a full length. So there will be recordings of songs that we have played live before plus more new ones that have never been heard. We do have some things up our sleeves that we are working on that if anyone has known us as musicians for the past 4 years might hear some things that have been done by us before but like it was said a progression forward so a little twist. we have a few things that we wont disclose yet cause you’ll have to wait but there are few things that we are putting on this album that you wouldn’t expect from us or maybe you would but hoping to have people like every song beginning to end and not get sick of it in days. That’s why we wanna do a full length. So you dont listen through it within 15 min and then thats the CD! we wanna be able to have an hour of music for everyone to listen and jam to.

UM: Will the infamous decapitated yeti be on the album cover?

DD: Yes! We have a couple artist in mind to do our art for the CD but have not decided on the one yet but we are thinking a very special person with a great eye and good ideas will be our pick.

UM: Is there any pre-recording rituals you guys do?

DD: Just the usual rockstar stuff but on a serious note we try to make sure that things are what we want. Each song that we record has been thought out and gone through a usual 2-3 tweaking processes. Being this will be our first time working we people that have a bias opinion so we are keeping an open mind to ideas and change.

UM: Any last words?

DD: What a rush! Can’t wait for everyone to see and hear what we have been doing on our break from shows!

I’m looking forward to the end product! And so should you. Keep track on updates on facebook since even though they’re secretive about what they show but they can’t hold it all in.




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