The Last Conspirators Album Review: A Celebration of Fury

Upstate New York’s bad boys, The Last Conspirators have released their third album A Celebration of Fury, a follow up to their critically acclaimed Warparty and When It All Comes Down releases.  The punk rock and rollers are set to perform at this year’s Larkfest in Albany, the state’s largest one day street fair. Songwriter and front man Tim Livingston performed at the very first Larkfest with his pioneering Albany punk band, The Morons, and still continues to keep the edgy grunge scene alive today.


A Celebration of Fury consists of seven songs that get you amped up and angry, encouraging you to embrace the frustration that everyone can relate to in today’s world. It’s a wake up to society, giving the people a voice and relaying the message that “United We Stand”. The album goes through the multiple emotional levels of rebellion and protest, with powerful lyrics that make you question authority and classic punk angst that can start mosh pits in any location. The Last Conspirators have broken their silence and have encourage a musical political revolution, reminding the listener that they have the power for change. Their new album will be available for sale at Larkfest or on Compact Disc and as Digital Downloads from CD Baby, and also digitally on iTunes and Amazon.

“Last Ones Standing” bring the listener back to their youth with lyrics full of wild rebellion and asks you to remember what it was we were rebelling against in the first place. Al Kash has a pounding drum rhythm that gets the heart racing and fired up. “Radio Warfare” has a desperado/outlaw feel from Terry Plunkett’s sliding and strumming steady guitar chords.  “Powerful Friends” has echoing cymbals and long lasting guitar riffs with Livingston singing about how change can happen but in the end, it’s all about who you know. “Somewhere Tonight in America” has the classic American defiant rock groove that people of any decade can relate to.  “No Time For Egos” has Livingston reminding the listener that we might not like each other, but it’s time to put our differences behind us and do what’s best for our future with lyrics such as, “divide and conquer we shall fall, stand our ground together with our backs against the wall.” “Desperate Skies” is one of the darker punk songs on the album with deep bass playing from Bisanz and for the first time lyrics of loneliness. Throughout the album, there is a theme for the masses to join together for change, but it is in this song that we hear words of personal desperation and fear. The last song, “A Celebration of Fury” has a dramatic ending of harsh whispers and heavy drum beats with the repeating line, “Time to celebrate the fury of our power.”

The Last Conspirators are bassist Nick Bisanz, guitarist Terry Plunkett, drummer Al Kash and lead vocalist Tim Livingston.

Key Tracks: Somewhere Tonight in America, Desperate Skies, A Celebration of Fury

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