Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger Live at the BSP Lounge Kingston September 28

Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl are the eclectic duo the make up the Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, also known as’ Goastt’.  The pair’s 2010 debut LP Acoustic Sessions emphasized atmospheric and well arranged songs, spectral harmonies, and diverse instrumentation. The alchemy induced by  the combination of Lennon’s inherent gift for melody, and Muhl’s multinstrumental and literary abilities is mysterious and alluring. While their music is rooted in the wooden realm, their 2012 LP Le Carotte Bleue spotlighted an electric side of the couple, accented with a funky, out of sight cover of Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Comic Strip’.

Ghost of a Saber tooth tiger
Ghost of a Sabre Tooth Tiger

The ‘Goastt’ will be performing an intimate concert at the BSP Lounge in Kingston, NY on Saturday September 28th. The performance comes in the midst of their tour opening for the Flaming Lips, and finds the pair playing a smaller room than the larger venues they are visiting with the Lips. This will be a great opportunity to witness a penetrating performance in an environment conducive to the detailed music being performed.

The evenings concert will also feature special musical guests Brother JT and Parakeet. Grateful Dead lyricist John Perry Barlow who composed a bio for the ‘Goastt’, I believe said it best when he stated about the duo’s music, ‘It is beautiful and strange and new. Let us watch it grow together’.

Ticket prices for the Saturday September 28th show are $12 advance or $15 at the door and are available at Outdated Cafe in Kingston and Jack’s Rhythms in New Paltz. The show begins at 9:00.

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