Hearing Aide: This Train I Ride is Made of Wood and Steel: The Blind Owl Band

As original as the title, The Blind Owl Band presents their sophomore disc. A distinct set of vocal accompaniment would have one wondering if Tom Waits dropped in (he didn’t) for a batch of fiery bluegrass and dirty jams.  Using traditional instrumentation, Arthur Buezo (guitar, vocals), Eric Munley (mandolin, vocals), James Ford (banjo, vocals) and Christian Cardiello (bass), all transplants to Saranac Lake, NY, draw upon their youthful influences mostly defined by their fathers’ flare for the good stuff.  This Train I Ride is Made of Wood and Steel is a testament to their past whilst forging a path where their sound is becoming uniquely their own.


“Sailor Song,” whether intentional or not, exemplifies the magical undercurrent of the past popping up in today’s music.  The disc intro gives a nod to a “House of the Rising Sun” look alike, but only for a few seconds.  From this point forward, the disc launches into a fun-filled, fast-paced, barnburner, ho-down of a good time.  They give a breather by slowing it down in “Missing My Home,” where Eastbound Jesus’, “Holy Smokes!” is given accolades.  A bass solo introduces “Jazzy McGee,” in a tune that sounds just like its title.  A neat little contrast in The Blind Owl Band is the depth of the tenor and bass vocals and the high-pitched use of the mandolin, where a balance is met and the band is defined.

The Blind Owl Band is quickly gaining attention by both fans and other, well known musicians. Performing around the northeastern territory, rich in roots Americana, has helped launched these bearded boys in musical stardom.  With a new disc underway, an album release tour is scheduled.  Please visit The Blind Owl Band for a list of tour dates.

Key Tracks: Missing My Home, Cherry Tree, Rain On

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