Local Artist Spotlight: GOON, Violently Versatile

After the end of hardcore powerhouse Fortress, a few of the members went on to form a new band with a new singer, and called it Goon. 

This sounds like a familiar story, as this kind of thing happens all the time; bands change their name or start new projects and have to start over again from scratch. However, most bands that try something new end up failing, unable to match the popularity or creative ambition they once had. While still far off from the original fanbase that Fortress had, there is no doubt that Goon has the potential to reach it once again. If you’re looking for another Fortress, you’re not going to find it with Goon, and that’s a good thing.

As fantastic and original as the former project was, this new band has no issues with creating new material. While they used to have a mostly down-tempo style before, Goon expands its horizons with ease. Their song “Parasite” is a perfect example of this, starting out as a kind of hardcore rock song, then rapidly transitioning into hardcore punk, and leading into its metalcore sound, before ending with a breakdown. That couldn’t be a more perfect representation of the versatility this band displays. It shows that they are willing to do different things, and have the talent to pull it off. If I have one criticism for them, however, it would be the vocals. The production of their music isn’t flawless, but it’s certainly good enough to hear the sincerity of each aspect of the band.

So, it allows you to hear shredding guitar, thunderous drums, steady bass, and fairly weak vocals. In all honesty, I would say that their previous vocalist was better and did not sound strained when he screamed. Yet, the vocals are also as bare bones as you can get, and I personally appreciate that, because sometimes sincerity can go farther than the sound itself. Other than that, I have no criticism for them as a band. These guys are able to explore the different styles of hardcore, all while maintaining raw brutality and edge. I respect these guys for carrying on, doing something different, and being proud of their new band, as it is worthy of pride. While many of us miss Fortress, it is time to look toward the future, and the future is Goon. Personally, that makes me excited for the future.

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