‘No Pepper’ a Documentary on Albany’s Historic Music Venue, Valentine’s, needs Kickstarter Support!

Valentine’s Music Hall and Beer Joint is one of the most well known venues in Albany, hosting hundreds of bands throughout its history and leaving many memories behind after the shows are over. Now, a Kickstarter has been created to fund a Documentary on the classic venue. Titled No Pepper, after the sign at the bottom of the first floor stage, the movie will examine the history of the venue, the bands who played there and the significance it holds for live music fans in Albany.

Valentine'sCreated by TG Branfalt Jr, he explains his reasoning behind the venue, “The story of Valentine’s has never been told and I think it’s time to tell it. If you’re an East Coast musician you have either heard of, or played at Valentine’s. If you’re a fan of underground or local music you have heard of or been to Valentine’s. As club after club closes it’s important to keep a record of the ones that played a role in shaping the city – no other club helped shape the musicians of Albany like V-Tines. Valentine’s is an incredible venue for budding musicians, run by awesome people. And places for musicians to play in Albany are dying.”

no pepper valentinesSumming it up as honestly as he can, “Valentine’s is important to Albany’s culture.” Indeed it is.

Keep in mind that the spread of a certain hospital complex and urban renewal are quickly threatening the location, so it is of the utmost importance to document the venue and its history before too long.

You can stay in touch with the project through their Facebook page, and take a look at Valentine’s with  Amy Fischer’s profile in of the fabled venue, including a chat with Howard Glassman, the proprietor of the establishment. 

no pepper valentinesThe Kickstarter is only open until June 19th, so act soon! If you pledge just $25, you’ll get the soundtrack and DVD of the completed documentary.

Support live music in Albany, but right now, do what you can to support Valentine’s and their Kickstarter for No Pepper.

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