Club D’Elf and Marco Benevento hit Syracuse and Albany this weekend!

Syracuse’s Westcott Theater and Albany’s Red Square open their doors to a modern experimental supergroup Friday May 31st and Saturday June 1st as Club D’Elf is accompanied by organist and composer Marco Benevento, of the critically acclaimed Benevento/Russo Duo. Club D’Elf defies convention and classification, as they draw on influences from electronica, jazz, dub, progressive rock and traditional and world music.


Led by bassist/composer Mike Rivard, the Club D’Elf “club” is designed to be a constantly evolving and revolving musical brotherhood, regularly rotating members, hosting superb artists and incorporating new sounds.  Club guests have included legends John Medeski and Billy Martin of Medeski Martin and Wood, the hip hop/jazz crossover artist DJ Logic, Marc Ribot, Skerik and of course Marco Benevento.  These uniquely gifted talents keep Club D’Elf fresh with new ideas and spontaneity.  This isn’t Mike Rivard’s first rodeo either; Mike brings his experience laying down grooves for big names such as Morphine, Aimee Mann, G Love and Jonathan Brooke among others.  Club D’Elf’s sound grows out of this rhythmic root, past tradition and custom, into the cosmos.  Who knows where listeners may end up when Marco Benevento’s graceful piano melodies dance over Mike Rivard’s deep, thuddy Morroccan trance bass lines?  No matter where you end up, this show is sure to keep your mind fed and your body grooving.

Tickets are $15.00 at the Westcott Theater and the show starts at 10pm.  At the Red Square the show is $12 and $15 at the door, show starts at 8pm.


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