Aztec Two-Step brings folk-rock to The Bearsville Theater in Woodstock on April 27th


The Bearsville Theater is bringing a great evening of folk-rock to their stage on April 27th with Aztec Two-Step.

Formed by Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman in 1971, they have been going strong ever since.  This acoustic duo has been the talk of the music community for over 40 years with their great harmonies always being the first thing that is spoken of.  There is a great documentary that was made in 1999 called No Hit Wonder that goes through in a depth history of the band and their amazing legacy.

Their most recent collection “Cause and Effect” is a collection of re-worked and new material that has social and political themes throughout and celebrates Rex and Neal being a band for over 40 years.  If you’re looking for a great evening of wonderful acoustic guitar playing, rich harmonies, and fantastic songwriting, then make sure to get to Bearsville this coming Saturday.  You can get tickets now at The Bearsville Theater or at The Bearsville Theater box office.

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