Voices from the Dark: Death Wolf/The Foreshadowing/Inquisition/Moonspell/Marduk played the Gramercy Theater

After the voices from the Dark tour was announced the package, though very mixed, was long awaited. Death Wolf (formerly known as Devil’s Whorehouse)were the opening act in support of their highly awaited album release “II: Black Armored Death”. This seemed like a good opportunity to tour along with Marduk as headliners as they feature members from Marduk. One can surprisingly say that they fall far apart from Marduk’s black metal sound, to a more thrash/heavy metal onslaught. Overall they add to the fact that this tour was very varied which brings us to The Foreshadowing. The Italian band were also touring in support of their newest album entitled “Second World” filled with gloomy, melancholic lyrics and very gothic/doom sound they surely something new and worth checking out.

(Photos: Death Wolf)

For a complete 360 Inquisition was one of the most awaited bands on this bill. Though they were not supporting any new albums, they were surely highly awaited here in NYC since their last tour with Septicflesh. This is when the crowd was packed and it was interesting seeing the support this two-piece band have gained with their signature black metal style.  Though they’ve been around for a while now they sure a delicacy for the black metal die hard every time they tour. Not to take anything from the following co-headliners but surely they crowd seemed to enjoy Inquisition the most.

(Photos: inquisition)

Following Inquisition, the co-headliners, from Portugal, Moonspell. They sure made a surprising return to the states after almost 4 years. It’s fair to say that they have a huge following in NYC with many proud Portuguese fans waving their flag up high during their set. They were supporting their 2012 release “Alpha Noir”, yet their set list contained more of the old and best Moonspell songs which made for a very solid performance from this gothic band.

  (Photos: Moonspell)



For a few minutes the venue was very hectic as the techs raced to set up for Maduk on time. The main proble was that there was a set time to end the Marduk performance to avoid colliding with an event scheduled later that night. Marduk wound up starting late which led to a few songs to be cut from their set list. Despite all the pressure to get their set done in a timely matter they deliver a onslaught with their war, hatred filled, satanic lyrics, heavy drum blasts and a furious atmosphere that left no member of the crowd without the raw feeling of true black metal.

 (Photos: Marduk)