Interview: They Exist

Funny yet with a serious appetite to make music,  They Exist is a three-piece progressive metal band hailing from the Syracuse/Oswego area.

Once a quartet they came across line-up changes like most musicians; losing a drummer and a guitarist. Zach switched to bass then back to guitar. However, even with losing a few members they decided to stay strong and stick with it. Fortunately, the remaining three members came across Jarod.  Jarod joined the band after talking to one of the current member’s brothers and seeing them play. Upstate Metal’s Steve Strader was able to talk to Dan (bassist) a bit and he said they might be adding a keyboardist which will give them more opportunity to expand their sound.  When you go to a show expect your ear drums to explode cause they hit you from all angles with their diverse sound which ranges from jazz to jam – all in one song.  They Exist doesn’t let genre labels stop them, they have a fun, “can do” attitude, and the willingness to expand. You can find them on Facebook and they are currently accepting new bookings. You won’t be disappointed with their presence. The 315 Street Team will be out promoting them and other great local artists, too.  You can find upcoming local acts at their Facebook page (link below).

They Exist Facebook:

315 Street Team Facebook:

Steve Strader‘s Youtube account for live vids and other interviews:

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