FORFEITURE Explode onto the Scene with Debut EP


Rating: ****

With not even 300 “likes” on their Facebook page to date, Forfeiture is stepping out into the Syracuse metal scene with an explosive new EP that promises to attract a lot of positive attention. Their self-titled EP is full of metal riffs, vocal variations, and brutal rhythm, exposing the band to numerous metal/post-hardcore avenues to experiment with. The music is excellently crafted and tightly performed, and the production highlights its brilliance by giving it a nice atmospheric sheen. No two songs on this four-song EP sound the same, and it is as exciting to listen to as you can tell it is for them to play.

The EP opens up with the incredibly brutal and creepy “Reanimated”, mixing very low and shrieking high screams into one excellent harmony. The vocals match the intensity of the rhythm, which is so fast and brutal that it almost hurts your hands just to listen to. However, it opens up into a melodic chorus and shows some soft moments as well; making it a diverse song that is a good indicator of the variety provided on the rest of the record. The next song, “Brooklyn Rage”, does this even better, as it is like a journey through the different styles of metal, all compiled into one song that is appealing to any type of metal fan. Also, the vocals change a bit from the last song to this, and do so once again in “Salvation Song”. The EP ends with the humorously-titled “How to Succeed in Metal Without Really Trying” which rounds out the collection well, leaving you dying for more.

Forfeitures diversity is their key aspect. One minute they could be getting into a heavy breakdown, the next they could be playing melodic grooves. Their guitar work is fantastic, and their riffs are unmistakably metal. However, they also dabble in the realms of rock and postcore a little, and their rhythm section never misses a beat. It’s important to have a drummer that can play anything you throw at him, and with all the different styles worked in, their drummer certainly keeps it together and has room to show off a bit. Their vocals are also very distinct, and never really have any soft moments. Although, with all the variations in vocal style, they occasionally seem to get lost in it, and some vocal performances are stronger than others. This sounds harsher than it is; it’s the only aspect that could use a little improvement, and not much at all. As a band, they sound balanced, structured, creative, and overall excellent at what they do. The very professional-sounding production of the EP showcases their talents and makes the whole record come together as one work.

Forfeiture should be very proud of themselves; they have put together an impressive debut that will easily get you hooked. This is exactly the kind of first impression you want to make on potential fans and listeners, and they have certainly made one out of me. Do they have some growing to do? Yes, but who doesn’t at this stage? Most bands around here would kill to have their first EP sound this good, both musically and in production. They are as groovy as they are powerful, and show endless creative possibilities for their future. Recording such a vast style in such a short EP was a good idea, because it gives them room to expand and explore, not being held to the expectations of any one particular style. The only expectation you should have for Forfeiture is that they be good.

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