FORSWORN Continue Their Sound Evolution with “Repercussions”


Rating: ***1/2

Over the years, Forsworn have gone through a lot of changes. Originally As The Sky Falls, they have underwent numerous shifts in the lineup, and have evolved in sound every time they’ve went into the studio. However, one thing has stayed the same throughout the years, and that is their undying anger, attitude, and passion. Honing a new sound on their latest single, “Repercussions”, Forsworn demonstrate that they are still as angsty as ever. This song definitely presents the band in a whole new light, and their style has adapted as well.

This new single displays a transition into a slow, heavy, metalcore style with punk-metal influence. It is stripped down to basic power chords that ring out with dominance and power. They come out swinging with this song, delivering angry lyrics with powerful vocals. Just when you think it’s going to do one thing, it changes. In the middle of the song, the guitar comes in with some Tom Morello-style riffing. This was a very healthy addition to the song, adding some variety and even more excitement to the sound. The breakdowns in the song aren’t really breakdowns, but more of a slower run-through of the verse. In a sense, the whole song is almost like one big breakdown, but with more melody and even more anger.!

Some may be disappointed in their new sound, clinging to the sound of their popular sophomore EP, Here’s To Your Failure. Others are embracing this new sound and are welcoming the new stage of Forsworn’s growth as a band. Those who have gotten the chance to see them perform their new set live have given them positive feedback. I think some of their fans are having a hard time with this new style because they haven’t seen them perform it live yet. Having seen it twice, I can honestly say that these guys sell it up there and own the stage, as they always have. Of course, they’ve recently lost three of the original members of the band, and things must be very different now. However, they show no intention of stopping.

Love it or hate it, Forsworn demonstrate with their new song that they are going to do what they want. If you like what they are doing, they can promise you a killer show. They are loyal to their fans, but will not be told what to do and what songs to play. They have shown, as they have many times, that they will not be stopped on their path of musical destruction. Whatever you think of their new style, you can’t deny that Forsworn are a passionate, talented band that will continue to drive themselves to greatness.

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