High Dive Horse Interview

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When I put out a post that I was interested doing written interviews, one of the inquiries was from Tim Fields of High Dive Horse. I was excited about this, because I always enjoyed reading their Facebook posts and seeing their pictures with the horse head masks on. This was one of my favorite interviews because I love when a musician has a sense of humor.

Steve Strader – First off how many members are there, four or five? Does it depend on the songs you guys play or just the availability of the group?

Tim Fields – We currently have four members: myself (Tim Field) on drums, Adam Vlassis on bass, Drew Sweeney on guitar, and Chad Seyer on guitar/vocals. We are actually looking for a 5th member for lead vocals… Hint hint.

SS – What was the inspiration behind your name? Is one of the members a jockey or involved in taking care of horses?

TF – The inspiration behind our name was actually from the previous drummer of the group. He suggested the name and said we can say it is for protesting animal abuse, or something like that. And yeah, I think Adam likes horses. He is weird like that.

SS – How did you guys come to form?  And when did the magic happen?

TF – The band actually formed through a series of Craigslist ads. Adam always jokes about the first time he met Chad by saying “It was a successful Craigslist meeting because I didn’t get raped.” I think it has been over a year.

SS – Who are some of your influences?

TF – Influences range few and far between for our band. As for myself, I grew up on the “Wannabe Punk”, as the rest of the band calls it, consisting of Sum-41, Blink-182, and New Found Glory. However, I started to get into Metal and things like that. As of right now, my biggest influence is Nate Felty of Leylines, a local Syracuse band. Check them out. As for Adam, Chad, and Drew, they are all influenced by Lagwagon, Bad Religion, NOFX, Bad Astronaut, and Rise Against.

SS – How is the success going for your street team? I mean the prizes you guys are offering: carrying your equipment around, a band member’s used bath towel… Who wouldn’t jump on that!

TF – Our street team is so successful, it has five members: four of the band members and Chad’s cat, the panther. That’s about it. Who doesn’t want to rub my feet after a kick-ass show? Seriously.

SS – On Valentine’s Day you said to expect big things soon; what kind of things can we expect in the near future?

TF – The big things that are planned is the album, and we are going to begin playing shows again pretty soon, as the album is coming to a wrap.

SS – I see that you guys like PBR! What words do you have for the hipster a**holes who hijacked the image of it?

TF – To anyone who hurts PBR, you will die.

SS – The horse heads in your photo albums are very comical. What caused you to use these horse heads?  Is it just a gimmick to go along with you name? What’s the story behind it?

TF-The horse heads we use in our pictures for Facebook is kind of a play on our name, of course. It is comical to have pictures of people doing stupid stuff in a horse mask, am I right?

SS – How does it feel to not be nominated for a Sammy?

TF – MAN, I cant BELIEVE we were not nominated for a SAMMY after only playing, what, like four shows? Haha!

SS – Adam, if someone were to open your fridge what would they find?

TF-If you opened Adam’s fridge, it would be lined with Tofu and vegan stuff. Extra firm too. Oh baby.

SS – Tim mentioned your album will be coming out soon. What has the creative process been like? I saw on Facebook you had to do multiple takes on the drum tracking. What have been the highs and lows making it? Remember, don’t spare any gritty details either!

TF – Oh boy, the album. Well, we are recording it and producing it through Boilerplate Records, as Chad owns part of it. We recorded guitars, bass, and vocals down in his basement, and then transferred the studio to my house for the drum recording – the worst part… Drums suck to record. But overall, it has been a very fun and creative process, but one I would not want to go through all the time. I can speak for everyone on that.

SS – Anything to be seen or heard from High Dive Horse in the near or distant future?

TF – Expect the album! Thanks for interviewing us!

SS – The pleasure was all mine, looking forward to seeing you guys in the future!

Give them a like on Facebook; there are a few tracks there for download. Then head over to the 315 Street Team page and give us a like. I have Video interviews on my YouTube channel which is located in the “About” section. Support the scene and if you see these guys are playing, go and wile out!

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