HateBreed, Shadows Falls, and Dying Fetus Show

HateBreed, Shadows Fall, and Dying Fetus at the Westcott

Article by Fred Marriott – Photos by Kevin Burke


Saturday I decided to venture out into Syracuse NY with a good buddy of mine. We had decided to stop by the Westcott Theatre in Syracuse to catch the HateBreed show. When we arrived, I realized Razor and Tie did a great job mixing it up for this particular tour – it’s not everyday you see three of the biggest influential bands from three different genres on the same tour.


For those of you who enjoy the sometimes trippie, sometimes death metal sounds of the likes of Between the Buried and Me and Animals as Leaders, you will be truly satisfied with the band The Contortionist. These guys showed a lot of season for a bunch of guys who barely look of age to drink. Complete with synths and sub drops they definitely gave people a taste of what was to come.

By now the hall was beginning to fill up, probably in anticipation of one of the biggest and most influential Death Metal bands out there right now. Dying Fetus has been around since the early ‘90s and certainly showed that very early on. I was just a bit skeptical at first seeing that they were only a 3 piece, but the music was well thought out and as full as any band. I also enjoyed the duel moshpits during their set.


Next up, Shadows Falls, yes these guys know their metal. When I think of the Boston Mass. Circuit , one the first bands that comes to mind is always Shadows Fall. This was the first time I actually got to see them play live – I was like a kid in a candy store. They opened with some of their newer material, with some classics thrown in there. I was absolutely drawn to them. They are a must see band out there right now. As far as the performance goes, Brian Fair and Jason Bittner stole the show. Every time Brian did a windmill with his 4 foot long hair I got a little jealous (considering I’m way too thin on top to grow mine that long and look that good), and his voice was right-on all night. Then I was drawn to Mr. Bittner, with stellar timing all night long and him standing up behind the kit – yeah he puts on a show.


The headliner of the night, HateBreed, was another first for me. I’m not really into hardcore. I just cant get into all the ninja kicking, trying to beat someone up in a pit, crap that those crowds do. But it’s the quintessential HateBreed, it’s a no-brainer. First off, tight as hell ( local bands should take note). Second, Jamey Jasta, their singer, had my attention from the get go. This guy knows how to control a crowd – he had everyone beat on that night for sure. They also played some of their best stuff off of Rise of Brutality. I now understand why their new album, The Divinity of Purpose, is number 1 on the hard rock charts. It was amazing to see this band, who I remember listening to in the mid ‘90’s(thinking yeah they are ok ), really knock my socks off. So, for me, HateBreed has my vote for the band of the night, and in reality they should, they are the headliner. Anyway, it was a great night of metal and hardcore at the Westcott. Don’t be afraid to check out any of these bands on their next trip through; all of them are well worth your money. Also check out the Westcott for some great up-and-coming shows. Horns Up till next time m/
– Fred Marriott


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