Dopapod: Redivider

Dopapod, the palindrome-inclined quartet from Boston who have risen to quickly become a sought after late-night festival act (their StrangeCreek set in the cabin was a packed funk sauna) and continue to show that their studio work is tandem to their live shows. After Drawn Onward was released in 2011, the next chapter of Dopapod was received with great enthusiasm as they fanned out on tours across the country, unleashing one of the best kept secrets of the Northeast onto the country. Redivider is a powerful follow up that showcases the band’s growth and musical maturity, in addition to a mesh of funk, electronic, jam and progrock genres to appeal to all, especially those who enjoy great music and love to dance their asses off.

artwork by Dean Arscott

For starters, there are three short interlude tracks, “Get to the Disc”, “Ooze Weapon” and “Fry the Gorillas” that keep a wonderful flow to the album, something quite welcome that allows for seamless transition between the tracks. Starting off with “Braindead”, the combo of spooky synthesizers and slick guitar licks make for a track reminiscent of Oysterhead. On “Bubble Brain”, Eli Winderman takes the synthesizer through peaks and valleys and even has a hip hop Dr. Dre feel. While there is a progressive nature to the song, building upon each section towards a fantastic ending, I am most curious to see how this structured instrumental will develop live. Crowds will get worked into a frenzy over “Trapper Keeper”; staying organized in grade school was never this rockin’. Rob Compa’s guitar work would make The New Mastersounds proud, Neal ‘Fro’ Evans’ drums drive the song at 75mph, with the mixing in a little electronic twist perfect polish to this funky number. The next two tracks, both instrumentals, “My Elephant vs. Your Elephant” and “Blast”  are intense and soaring, the latter heavy with Rob’s guitar and Chuck Jones’ bass.

Picture a Nintendo game, the music starting off catchy at first, and then delving into some deep and dirty soul in the first half of the tune. Then, the video-game journey brings you key-led towards an abyss… Once “Vol. 3 #86” lands into a third movement, you have the highlight of the album and an incredible song for dancing. When it comes to late night appearances at festivals, this one will be requested for certain.

“STADA” has a spooky intro and classic Dopapod sound, while “Give it a Name” is deceptively slow to start, then drops in Soundgarden-heavy spurts amid goofy schizophrenic musical fun. “Weird Charlie” uses playful bass and accordion keys, and things get WEIRD!  An excellent cap to the album, wrapping up great production and great writing by Dopapod.

If you’ve listened to Dopapod before, you’ll want this album. If you’ve seen them at festival, you’ll be well served buying this album. If you have never listened to Dopapod, what are you waiting for? Come join the party!

Key Tracks – Bubble Brain, Trapper Keeper, Vol. 3 #86, Give it a Name, Weird Charlie

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