Jeff Bujak – Something Different

Jeff Bujak’s latest release Something Different,  showcases this electronic pianists creativity with a nice array of rhythms and skillful piano playing throughout. I was drawn in by the initial two studio tracks which served as the perfect warm up to the remainder of the albums extended, live studio tracks.

The table is set with “Raygun” and “Riky”, clean studio efforts layered in samples that are plentiful and well positioned. The transition into the 8 live tracks is seamless as the album works nicely through some shorter live remix tracks, into the more extended live material beginning with the catchy “Nu-Muneh”. I particularly enjoyed the live tandem of “Mutator” and “Sea Monster”, filled with heavy beats and catchy grooves offered generously in each track. Really nice upbeat piano playing make this portion of the release in particular my favorite.

There are no holes to be heard, but rather a straight forward high energy effort from Jeff Bujak here with track after track that is sure to please.

Key Tracks: Mutator and Sea Monse=ter