Suckers “Candy Salad” out today!

Ohh Brooklyn… Your ability to churn out Indie bands is astonishing. Undoubtedly attempting to cater to the Bedford/Lorimer L stop crowd, Suckers have come up with 10 synthy, bouncy tracks certain to come as fast as they go, but with a smile. Don’t like my rationale? Write your own review. Hey, this is what happens when you give a metal-head an album of hipster music to review.

But in all seriousness, Suckers’ “Candy Salad,” out on Frenchkiss Records,  is a solid record, chock full of catchy melodies and warm feelings. The singer’s voice fits perfectly within the context of the tunes and what they are trying to do, and the tracks all blend together nicely. After a weekend’s worth of listens, I am now a fan of the album and band.

Between the heavy reverb and spacey, atmospheric flow throughout, “Candy Salad” will certainly captivate the intent listener… Lots of friendly jams! I particularly enjoyed the Beach Boys-esque vocal harmony in “Figure It Out,” the happy-go-lucky whistle-a-long of “Chinese Braille.” There is a bit of guitar noodling that clutters up the sound at times, but I won’t hold that against the group… After all, it’s Indie Rock.

The musicianship and weaving grooves will have every American Apparel wearing scenester swaying and whistling along, Pabst in hand. Bonus points for “Lydia,” a guaranteed bet to get the crowd singing along during the chorus… Excellent song!

A word of advice… Listen to this album while doing something else. Drinking, dancing, cleaning, writing term papers… Anything other than just listening to the record on its own. “Candy Salad” is an excellent catalyst for activity, and sitting alone at a Barnes and Noble sipping an iced coffee is better left for The Beatles.

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