Brenden Small’s (Metalocalypse) debuts GALAKTIKON!

Dig Metalocalypse? Keep reading. The multi-talented Brendon Small, who acts as primary songwriter, performer, actor and writer for the wildly popular animated series, is back at it with a new project, Galaktikon. If the show is any indication, you’ll probably assume that Galaktikon is going to be somewhat over the top, and it is. But not in a way you may expect.

Brendon describes the album as “…an audio comic book, an over acted chamber drama, a ridiculous premise that takes itself way too seriously all the way to the end.” This statement definitely has its merit, but the album does come across as a completely serious piece of art. Not in a cookie monster, super heavy, grandiose, or obnoxious way… It’s just ambitious in a way Dethklok is not.

The songwriting captures the heaviness and intensity one may expect from Dethklok, but with a more progressive rock feel. The tracks offer lots of tasteful melody, excellent guitar work, and exude a completely different kind of tension than the listen may expect, especially coming from the guy who wrote “Murmaider.” The musicianship is superb.

Oh yea… Gene Hoglan is a hitter, so Galaktikon gets an additional star for that reason alone m/!

The occasional moment of cheese, particularly the “Mr. Roboto” vocal effects during “Arena War of the Immortal Masters,” threw me for a quick loop. But, given the intention and ambition of the project, everything fits very well into the grand scheme of the album.

If you are looking for a new Dethklok album or another batch of Metalocalypse, wait for season 4. The pomposity and lunacy that comes from Dethklok, though occasionally present here, is tucked away backstage, guzzling Jack Daniels and doing lines of cocaine while waiting for Galaktikon to finish their opening set. But if you are looking for an album of space aged travel odyssey, look no further than right here and grab yourself a copy!

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