FALLEN CAPTIVE’s “Edge of Collapse” is well produced, tightly structured

Based out of Cleveland, Ohio, Fallen Captive is a band that is making huge strides in the Midwest gateway. This 6 piece metal core band is ready to bust out of the “down but never out,” city of their rise. Judging by the band’s fascinating recent release, Edge of Collapse, the time is now to spread their wings.

The band’s sound is accentuated by an above average dual guitar shredfest mentality. It is also worth mentioning that the band uses keyboard as an important piece of leverage within their sound. It gives the pulsating bass and drum style, an added layer of texture and musicality. Vocally and lyrically, front man Mitch Pivarski brings the punishment with great success. The sum of all these parts makes for a startlingly efficient cohesion of melody and thump. The results on an intensity level are reminiscent of bands like Sirens and Sailors and Bleeding Through, among others.

I have not seen the band in a live setting, but I can not imagine how fun it may be after listening to this release. This CD is very well produced, and very well structured from a song standpoint. Always a fan of metal wordsmiths, there was no disappointment with that aspect either. After the machine like intro noise of the album opener, “Advent,” the band wastes no time in bringing the auditory madness at a frantic pace. “Fallout,” is another track of cautionary interpretation that gleams with the every day worldliness of chaos based metal acts.  You have to take notice when Mitch proclaims, “ This is our fallout, this is the end of the world, as we know it. But I’m not giving in, just keeping my head forward,” Although this thought is open ended in explanation, it is nonetheless intriguing. On the song, “A Plea For Sanity,” the band shows their range and craft as songwriters. It is the perfect example of the overall dynamics they are trying to achieve within the music. Great keyboard accompaniment blends effortlessly with the swirling guitar interplay and pulsating backbeat mayhem. Lyrically, another high note of self-questioning is brought forth. The human condition is well represented with the drastically desperate rambling of, “Take this as my plea, my plea for sanity!” The thought is concluded later with, “Now I’m through trying, trying time and time again!”

There are other stellar tracks here too! Some of my other favorites are “Edge of Collapse,” and “Old Fashioned.” Overall, though, there really isn’t a track on this recording that is anything short of great. Here is to the hope, that we can get this great act back up into Upstate relatively soon!

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-Erik Jensen

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