MUMMIFIED IN CIRCUITRY’s “Echoes of Morality” haunting, a galloping wallop of destructive greatness

Music is most effective when it possesses a maximum flash of creativity, and the power of a freight train rolling down the track. Intensity sells in any genre. Reality in word play, is a close second for me. With that being said, the new album from Mummified in Circuitry meets this criteria on the highest of all levels. This Billerica, Massachusetts based band has delivered a stunningly adept recording to Innerstrength Records. It is a major piece of work within the Northeast metal scene. Their prowess looms large among the amount of pretenders and half ass copycats that surround them. I can only applaud this effort with a genuine “thank you.” We need this type of release on the scene right now.

From the first chords played on this record, we realize that the sophistication of Mummified in Circuitry, is a key component in their attack. Sometimes, the production of aggressive metal gets obscured in the studio setting. As a matter of fact, I would say that the percentage of bands that forego the quality aspect of their recordings is somewhere around 90 percent. That is why it is hard to find quality bands that take pride in creating the overall package. On many occasions, the litmus test ends 20 seconds into a song. Not here, and not these guys.

Echoes of Morality is a haunting, galloping wallop of destructive greatness. The first half of the record is loaded with music steeped in ripping your face off. It also reveals a formula of advanced playing that suits the band well and often. Ripping solos, profound lyrical content, and a groove on par with 1,000 feet stomping around in a pit, are showcased on each and every track. The best of the bunch in the first half of the record are “Eyes Devoid of Sin,” and “Becoming Baal,” On “Baal,” singer RJ Connor devastates the mic with lyrics that are ripe with overtones of destruction and doom. He sings, “Dont hit me again, stop swingin at me, should have killed you before. The power I feel, these weapons I yield, my soul as his whore.”  Obviously this is not from the first person perspective, but it is dark and exuberant in it’s evil diary-like dialogue.

The second half of the record houses 5 tracks that are all on the same level of superiority. Tracks like “Blasphemous,” and “This Is The End,” bring the same kind of unrelenting balance that is coveted from front to back.

So with this review, I have found a new companion piece for my daily cardio jaunts. It would be equally as inspiring if I was cutting wood, or working as a mortician. It is a fitting piece of essential listening for anyone on the go, and in the mood to rage! Mummified In Circuitry is more than the real deal. They are they the conglomeration of all things good within this genre. This release is available January 24th, 2012, definitely worth it.

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-Erik Jensen

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