MADE IN CHINA – Age isn’t shit.

Gouverneur’s Made In China is making waves in Northern New York’s metal scene. At first listen, the band comes off like many other bands within the scene. They have a great sound, they write sound material, and they hold nothing back while going for the throat. Like most bands within the scene, they also promote their brand with maximum effort. However, this is not your average everyday run of the mill band looking for your attention. If we are talking averages, let’s talk about the average age of band members within this project. It falls well below the age of 18!

With a major shortage of all age venues in the North Country and beyond, young bands like Made In China have an uphill battle from the start. In the early to late 80’s, the amount of band members that would be considered minors in the metal scene was staggering. Bar owners tended to turn their heads and allow the show to go on with no interference. Of course, it was a different era back then, and the moral majority did not have their panties in a ruffle yet. With the changing alcohol consumption laws and a huge push to curb DWI offenses, the venues began to tighten up on the admission of minors as patrons or band members. Being someone who cut my teeth in the clubs of yesteryear, I can tell you that the kids being admitted were not the issue. The asshole bar owners who served these kids were the real issue at hand!

Now, we will fast forward to this new era of metal music. The bands are becoming younger and younger. Their talent level is getting better by the day. Made in China, and a band like Razed In Hell from Watertown, are perfect examples of bands that just want to be heard. They want a chance to prove themselves to you, the consumer!

Some of the crew at Upstate Metal had a chance to recently sit down with Kraymer Cronk and Ray Stevens from Made In China. Enjoy!

Christine: How long has Made In China Been Around?

Ray: Yeah Kraymer, how long?

Kraymer:  It started in 2008. Chalez and I are the only original members left in the band.

Christine: When did you join the band, Ray?

Ray: July of 2011. Or around summer

Kraymer: July is summer

Christine: Not in this part of town, bucko. Anyway, you guys are clearly one of the youngest bands to be active within this scene. You have an ever expanding fan base because of your presence alone. What’s in store for Made in China in 2012

Ray: Brutality is what we’re all aiming for I think. Or at least I hope. Hopefully an EP!

Kraymer: Definitely an EP!

Ray: We are currently looking for a studio

Kraymer: The hardest part has been finding one.

Christine: Understandable, especially one that will do your band justice at an affordable price.

Ray: Yes, we are debating whether a home recorded EP would be better or not.

Kraymer: It wouldn’t be better. But, If that is all we can do for now, then we will do it.

Christine: What bands influence your sound?

Ray: Oh goodness!

Kraymer: I think that differs for every member.

Ray: That’s what I’m saying. Mine would personally be Chelsea Grin, Adestria, City Delivered, and We Came As Romans

Christine: What brought your band together?

Kraymer: I think being friends helped at the start. We met in school.

Christine: Does being so young within the scene in Northern New York pose problems with you getting gigs, and playing with other bands.

Kraymer: Sometimes. It isn’t always a problem though. I think some people just don’t take us seriously because of our age.

Ray: The problem we encounter the most regarding our age, would be playing in bars.

Christine: Probably has something to do with the lack of all ages venues. It pushes you into having to play the bar scene. It must also pose a problem with your peers being able to get in.

Kraymer: Yeah, there aren’t a lot of venues that allow us to have our younger crowd mix with the adult crowd.

Christine: I saw you guys not too long ago at the American House in Edwards, and you guys proved to be quite energetic on stage. Does the band have any upcoming shows?

Ray: We have around five shows coming up. We plan on announcing some more.

Christine: Who is your favorite local band to share the stage with? Is there any potential for a mini-tour within the year?

Kraymer: I don’t think I would be able to personally choose a favorite yet. There are a lot of great local bands to choose from. A mini-tour would be amazing. I think we have the potential to do that.

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