RED FANG to open for the Eupropean leg of Mastodon tour.

It is no surprise that Red Fang was selected to open the American leg of Mastodon’s tour. The two bands are very similar in style and equally diverse from  both a vocal and musical standpoint. For many metal fans, this is actually something of a dream pairing. With a recent press release, the band announced some other good news. “”The US tour we just did with those guys was one of the best ever, so we are thrilled to be continuing this magical journey with Mastodon in Europe!” Now the Europeans will get to witness the front line assault of the Mastodon-Red Fang pairing that ripped this country to shreds.

If you are not familiar with the sound of Red Fang, descriptions are long and plentiful. The sound of the band owes some pilgrimage to the altar that the whole sludge metal movement has crafted. It is easy to see the modern era influences such as Kyuss, the Melvins, and Mastodon within the band’s sonic wallop. Of course, Black Sabbath seems to loom large over the legacy here as well. In any case, the band crafts well thought out bursts of progressive glory. On their latest record, Murder The Mountains, the band has raised the bar of musical excellence within their camp. Everything on this record is of a quality that is nothing short of spectacular. Like Mastodon, the choices made in choosing the correct production team, have aided in the overall upswing of the material written. Chris Funk and Vance Powell have been involved with the production of many great albums by artists such as the White Stripes, Kings Of Leon, The Decemberists, and the Raconteurs. They work their magic here with unlimited promise. Tracks like the mega evil Throw Up, and the incessantly catchy Waves, are on a whole different level of studio shine without visionary compromise.

Although the band will not be going on tour again for awhile in the states, I highly recommend that you check out Murder The Mountains in the meantime. We will have more on Red Fang in the near future as we are hoping to bring you a dual feature with members of the band and Mastodon.

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-Erik Jensen

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