ENGLORIA’s “drive” EP is poised for greatness; road trip worthy

Albany, NY based Engloria is on a distinct path for greatness within the national music scene. Judging by the response to their current studio release, the Drive EP, the industry brass are poised for a major label bidding war.

The songs on the Drive EP do not signal the re-invention of the wheel. You will hear the formulaic luster that catapulted the likes of artists like Chris Daughtry and The Goo Goo Dolls. These bands, like Engloria, share a similar style of writing up tempo and easily digestible power pop songs. Engloria  can also can pen a killer power ballad, another trait that the aforementioned bands did with excellence. In this genre of over saturation and cookie cutter-like production, this band will rise above. I say this because the band writes nothing but tight little nod your headers. It is jubilant music, even when the music signifies love lost. That is a skill learned through incessant songwriting. Creating a vibe of joy in heartache takes maximum effort. The ability to create that vibe makes the song, Made For You, a ready for radio hit. Up tempo material like the song, Drive, show the more aggressive side of their repertoire. It is radio anthem driven and sits alongside such as it’s parallel equal.

The time is now to check these guys out. I have always found it fun to watch the success of a band ready to break out. With an increasing amount of airplay on terrestrial and internet radio sources, the public has definitely put the label of “Most Likely To Succeed,” next to their names. More than likely, with an exclamation point. Engloria’s increased pattern of spreading out within the touring game is paying dividends. That point is on display in New York City, where they are slowly building a mini empire of new fans.

I highly recommend this band when you are preparing to take your next substantial road trip. Bring a copy of the aptly titled Drive EP. It just night make your day.

James Stewart – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Devon Scott – Guitar, Vocals
Michael Gleason – Bass
Brandon Stewart – Drums

More information on Engloria-
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/engloriamusic

-Erik Jensen

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