CHAOTIC EMBRACE’s self titled EP is adrenaline fueled, powerful

Straight out of Watertown, NY comes a band full throttle and punching you right in the face with some wicked guitars, thumping bass, and adrenaline fueled skins. Chaotic Embrace brings the fury, knows what they like, and make no apologies about it. As the bands description section on Facebook states:

“…blended with styles of metal and hard rock ranging from Sevendust, Tool, 40 Below Summer, Disturbed, and many more.”

They go on to list more influences such as:

“…. Nonpoint, A Perfect Circle, Rage Against The Machine, Bullet For My Valentine, Five Finger Death Punch, Deftones, Korn, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Puddle Of Mudd, and much much more…”

Fitting, because I can hear most of those influences in their five-song EP, these guys have a very cool vibe going on that is both talent and definitively radio friendly. I can embrace that after too many crap songs with some dude screaming like a wounded sea lion. Not Chaotic Embrace. This three piece unit can jam; they have plenty of power, then hit some cool bridges, and groove into something that gets the ladies hips moving. That, for this writer, is a bonus every time. They throw in the deep-seated growls where it matters as a point of emphasis and not as the focus.

‘Translation’ – the first tune hits all of those points perfectly. It’s one of those tunes that grab your attention and leaves you waiting for the explosions that feel like are just below the surface.

‘Stop the Lies’ – comes through next with a haunting sound, harmonics in all the right places and a definite Five Finger Death Punch vibe.

‘Jasmine’ – begins with a simple, yet evil little intro that jumps into an up-tempo staccato attack, never getting out of hand and fitting the song perfectly. These guys like the big sounding chords and tempo changes within the songs.

‘Harmonik’ – has me thinking both Sevendust and Disturbed right away, that deep chunk of the guitars and pounding drums.

‘Stifled’ – brings more of the same. The band has a sound and they go with it as well as anyone.

The band sounds polished on the EP, they have a modern rock sound and vibe that you will hear on any modern rock radio station every day. I personally like it and look forward to catching them live to see if it holds up onstage. I did miss any guitar solo that stood out. That would be my only advice for them to add in somewhere in the music. I’ve heard a lot about this band and how hard they work, always playing. From what I saw they play in a lot of different places. That should be a lesson to those that seem to always be at the same bar, get out and spread the sound!

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-David Garlow

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