Sarah King A/B Album “Always an Almost” and “You Were Wrong About Me”

Ripton, VT, artist Sarah King has recently just delivered a soulful new A/B sided release with “Always an Almost” and “You Were Wrong About Me.” There’s no arguing that King’s talents are being celebrated by some of the biggest names in music. Her music has a similar resemblance to artists like The Lumineers, Lana Del Rey, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson, Shawn Mendes and more.

Sarah King A/B
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Just off the heels of her most recent EP The Hour, Sarah King shows her newest releases exuding a clear contrast to her previous works. Most which were originally inspired by loss of loved ones, grief and the heavier feelings that she had carried with her for years. In her newest releases, each song can be both musically and lyrically versatility. King does this through dynamic vocal delivery and refreshing heart-on-sleeve storytelling. 

Sarah King A/B

The track “Always an Almost” describes the sudden chances we thought we just missed, much like the relationships that didn’t last, and all of the dreams we struggle to let go of in order to make space for what is really meant for us. King sings heartfelt lyrics with tears streaming down her face, solidifying the fact that she had an undeniable hit in her hands. 

“Almost thought I couldn’t let go, But the pain’s how you grow / It gets better I know, Always an almost” ~ Always An Almost 

Followed by a fierce rock companion “You Were Wrong About Me,” this release offers a bit of modern rock n roll. This release looks back on the situations that didn’t work out from a place of strength, growth and confidence. Originally the song was written in about 10 minutes; the two-minute-long rocker was inspired by a music venue that rejected King to perform before even listening to her music. Thus, King has written one of her most simple, yet impactful tracks that musicians will be able to relate to. 

“Don’t need your permission now, Didn’t want it anyhow / Live my life the way I please, You’ll never be the boss of me” ~ You Were Wrong About Me 

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