Karina Rykman To Play Brooklyn Bowl: Excitement Stirs

Karina Rykman has announced with great excitement that her band will be headlining Brooklyn Bowl on February 24, 2022. Part of a greater movement with other of powerhouse women in live music not only making their presence known, but respected. This New York City-based artist bends the genres and feeds the soul. Karina called this “a proper hometown show” which could be interpreted as her way of saying “not to be missed.”

Who Is Karina?

Karina Rykman has been the powerhouse thread weaving its way through seemingly opposing forms of musical expression. Chatter of Karina’s name, talent and on stage acrobatic feats of stunt work have been the topic of conversation at festivals, pre-show hangs, after parties and set breaks. Some know Karina as Marco Benevento’s bass player but her solo project has made itself known as a force to be reckoned with. Sparkly boots, deep grooves and occasional stunts make for an entrancing experience with no choice but to allocate all attention in the moment.

Photo: Em Walis

But What Kind of Music Is This?

The funkier side of jam with a heavy lead bass of songs like “Dirty South” blend smoothly into a lo-fi ambient moods with songs like “Plants” and “Arbitrary”. “Elevator” and “City Kids” live within a pleat synching indie with the grit only a New York City Riot Grrrl could harness. All of the masterful genre stitching and blending encompass the beauty in what music is becoming.

Magic camptured at Catskill Mountain Jubilee by Em Walis

Evidence Points To Magic

Where might have Karina gained her momentum and defined her style? Perhaps all the time society was forced to look at the same four walls heightened other sense and stronger recognitions for new and exciting sound profiles. Maybe Karina experienced some form training similar to Uma T’s Black Mamba character in the Kill Bill films. In this case it would have been bass, not katana. The training with Marco Benevento likely involved many more smiles, a few less stairs and absolutely a large collection of cheap keyboards. Crystal masters claim that when the “greatest sound guy of all time” is at the helm and the sunlight hits Karina’s bass at just the right angle, the golden light that exists in this musicians soul becomes visible for only a moment.


Day or night, it would be in one’s best interest to see Karina now and catch glimpses of the golden light now, because it will be a lot more difficult as her career continues to grow. Karina’s shows are fun. Banter could include existential questions followed by a quick video game cheat code. Encouragement to bandmates might involve empowering words like “slay” and “queen” which are unfortunately not in the usual vocabulary of “dude bands at dude shows”. Karina’s shows are known to feel uplifting, creatively complimentary and spirit lifting.

Women supporting women in music by Em Walis

Slay Queen

Women like Karina, friends Marlo and Veronica from Melt, Kanika Moore of Doom Flamingo, Laura Lee of Krunghabin and fellow New Yorker Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells are all making waves on tour and helping to create a safer space for future generations of women that are interested in music. These women convey a message that grant permission for women to present authentically, dress in what feels the best and behave in a way that stands by ethical codes unapologetically. The future looks bright thanks to Karina and the other magical warriors queens out there slaying.

For more on Rykman, check out our folktale style review from Catskill Mountain Jubilee and our recent review of Marco Benevento’s latest show at the Brooklyn Bowl. Tickets for Karina Rykman at Brooklyn Bowl are on sale here.

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