Ferocious Funk: Rich Bomzer Project

Funk and jazz improvisation was served up at the Big Kahuna in Huntington, Long Island, when members of the Rich Bomzer Project took the stage to close the night with an electrifying performance!
The lineup on the night’s gig consisted of Rich Bomzer on tenor sax, Eric Frost and Christian Crawford (trumpet), Annie Mclean (vocals), Tj Adorno (guitar/rap), Colin Dooman (bass),  Evan Sundquist (keyboard, vocals, computerized sound effects), Angel Lau (percussion) and Alex Aitken (drums).
The group truly showed their skills as both instrumentalists and vocalists. Some members demonstrated extreme versatility by switching from lead guitar and keyboard on one chart, to lead vocals and rapping in another. They touched on all corners of great classic genres from Motown to rock followed by jazz ballads and R&B. All songs were infused with heavy horn hits and ferocious tenor sax improvising.
The set list included hits from Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, and Rolling Stones. Amongst those hits were original compositions written by Rich Bomzer himself. Some songs by Bomzer performed that night were filled with such expression and memorable phrasing, namely: “Everything Is Gunna Be Alright,” “Never Felt Like This Before,” “The Dank” and “Feel You.”
While watching the band’s performance, their strong stage presence and synchronization could all be felt. This major attribute is rooted in their tight sound and mutual melodic style. Rich Bomzer Project is full of energy and expression; they do what they love with ease. The band’s unique sound and flair emulates their musical influences.
For music by the Rich Bomzer Project, listen to their recently released EP titled Last Night that can be found on apple music, iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.
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