In Focus: Grace Potter at Xerox Rochester International Jazz Fest

Day one of the Xerox International Jazz Fest and Grace Potter gave an energized performance.  Grace rocked the blues as the headlining act in the beautiful venue of Kodak Hall at Eastman Theatre.

The packed venue of seated fans were told by Grace in between songs, her performance will feed from their energy.  She elaborated sharing that if people felt like like they wanted to stand, dance sway, tap their foot to feel comfortable with enjoying as they wished.  The crowd loosened up as she continued through her set and took up her offer to get up close to the stage if they wanted to.  Fans faces were lit up with smiles as they enjoyed her close interaction by reaching out to them from stage.  The air filled with the excitement while she was on stage.  A piece of that night stays with each person of the energy that was created by the performance, music and people.

Grace and each member of the band played the whole set with meaning and directed it to those there to see them.  It was an incredible treat to have attended to see Grace in action whipping her hair as she moved to the music playing.  Every song was given the attention, emotion, energy and soul as if it was the first time they played it, no mechanical movement or sound could be noticed.[

Setting on her piano had a large crystal on one side and an alien figurine on the other, a sign she is filled with wonder, depth, love and channeling energy.    It was unforgettable night because of Grace Potter coming to Jazz Fest.  The tone had been set for the remaining 9 days of the festival after that show.  The Jazz Fest had the positive vibe of people coming to enjoy music to dance, smile and have a good time with one another each day.  Check out these moments caught from the night brought to you by NYS Music.

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