Sub Rosa Sessions Bring Unique Concert Experience to Syracuse

Every third Sunday of the month, Subcat Studios in Syracuse presents the Sub Rosa Sessions. Their world-class recording studio setting makes each session an intimate, unique concert experience and presents the music as the artist intended.

Their Nov. 15 Sub Rosa Sessions #25 will feature Megan Jean and the KFB from Charleston, South Carolina, and Mountains & Valleys from Syracuse.

Megan Jean and the KFB lives to perform and call the road home. They combine the demented blend of Americana, punk, dance and the avant-garde. They describe themselves as being “a metal band, if it was 1927.”

Mountains & Valleys is led by Merritt Harris. After both leading bands and supporting several bands, he decided to form Mountains & Valleys. He wanted a collective of folks inspired to make indie rock tunes that are accessible to the casual listener yet appealing to the critical ear.

Their self-titled album is full of human struggle, stories and irony. This album is one that will keep your head curious, your heart searching and your ears happy.

Both bands’ performances will be professionally recorded and given to each person who purchases a $20 admission ticket. The ticket also includes a meet-and-greet, wine and refreshments following the show.

Subcat studios is located at219 S. West St., Live Studio A, in Syracuse.

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