Three Days Grace Kick Off North American Tour At Artpark

After spending the last few weeks playing massive festivals such as Sonisphere, Rock am Ring and Download, Three Days Grace kicked off their North American run in Lewiston, NY at Artpark on Wednesday, June 17. The night kicked off at 6:30pm with a set from the band Young Guns out of England. Touring off their latest release Ones and Zeros, the band ran through a high energy set including both new songs and fan favorites. Lead singer Gustav Wood interacted with the crowd much throughout their set. Wood went on to say how much he appreciated being back in the US where they got to actually see the sun, compared to when they were recently in Europe.

Young Guns Singer Gustav Wood Stares Down Into The Pit

The crowd continuously grew song by song as people started to arrive at Artpark. For a Wednesday night show, it was expected that fans would slowly arrive after a long day at work and going through Buffalo rush hour traffic. Before Young Guns made their way off the stage, they invited fans to go meet them and have drinks at their merch table. Most of all, before ending the night, the band made sure the crowd was ready for Three Days Grace and the crowd erupted with excitement.

Without much surprise, right before Three Days Grace came on stage, Artpark was packed with fans ready to rock. After a Rage Against The Machine music intro, Three Days Grace came out and wasted no time going right into their chart-topping single “I Am Machine”. A change in singer shortly after their last album Transit of Venus, many fans were left wondering if the band would be able to continue the success they’ve had in the past. The answer to that question is quite easy, definitely. As soon as Matt Walst took over on vocals to complete the touring cycle for Transit of Venus, most people were convinced he would keep the band going strong. Matt Walst and the rest of Three Days Grace proved that even further with the release of their fifth studio album Human.

Neil Sanderson Welcomes Fans At Artpark

The best thing about going to a Three Days Grace show is that almost every song they play, the crowd can sing them word for word. Not many bands out there can say they’ve had the success that Three Days Grace has had. Fans were treated to a mix of both new and old songs throughout the night. The new album Human was played the most and was well received by the fans. Songs such as “Fallen Angel”, “Human Race”, and “So What” translated live very well, as expected.

The amount of energy the band had was unbelievable. Matt Walst is a fantastic front man who really gets the crowd involved. There weren’t many times where Matt stood still on stage, running back and forth, fist pumping with the crowd, Matt and the rest of Three Days Grace gave the crowd more than their money’s worth. Toward the end of the night Matt jumped down in the crowd to high-five fans in the front row and then began to climb on on the scaffolding on the side of the stage. The night was ended with crowd favorite, “Riot” while the sun was setting along the Niagara River Gorge.

Matt Walst Getting Close With The Crowd While The Sun Sets Over The Gorge

Setlist: I Am Machine, Just Like You, Chalk Outline, So What, Pain, Break, Human Race, Home, Painkiller, Fallen Angel, The Good Life, I Hate Everything About You, Never Too Late, Animal I Have Become, The Real You, Riot

If going to the Artpark show wasn’t possible, there’s more chances to see Three Days Grace soon. Check out their tour dates.

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