Brooklyn Electro-Pop Duo ‘FIIZ’ Announce New Single “ALL MY WORLDS”

Electronic-Pop duo ‘FIIZ’ return to ignite dance enthusiasts with their new energetic single “ALL MY WORLDS”, released on November 2nd.

FIIZ was born from the deep bond between best friends Fiona (Fi) and Isabelle (Iz) during shared quarantine, and a desire to fearlessly represent the LGBTQ+ community, defying norms in pop culture. United by their friendship, they create queer empowerment through music, challenging heteronormative standards with unapologetic expression.

The Brooklyn based duo FIIZ entrance their listeners by exploring themes of imagination, the multiverse and questioning the boundaries between reality and the power of the mind. They draw concepts from the endless possibilities that lie beyond our perception which intertwine with their unique musical expression fusing electronic-pop, hyper pop and EDM into a groundbreaking sound that can be heard in the latest single.

“ALL MY WORLDS”, forefronts the duos consistent pursuit of enlightenment, fluidity of time and the liberation of both the mind and body. FIIZ invites audiences to embark through the multiverse—an idea that has long captivated their creative spirit,  the track becomes an anthem, chanting a powerful mantra, “All my worlds are real, all my dreams are true.”

With its pulsating beats, ethereal synths, and thought-provoking lyrical concepts, “ALL MY WORLDS” is poised to capture audiences worldwide. Hailing from the diverse and kinetic music scene of Brooklyn, FIIZ has once again encapsulated its progress in creating electrifying pop anthems that resonate deep within the mind space of its audience.

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