Nick Vanderwood Releases a Visionary New Single “Shimmy”

Utica-born and Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Nick Vanderwood has released his latest single “Shimmy”, a song preceding the recent EP entitled ‘Reload‘ released on September 29th.

Nick Vanderwood encapsulates alternative indie in new single “Shimmy” using a blend of guitar and bass creating a mysterious sci-fi world that is brought to life in the music video. The short film is fun and cinematic which cultivates an imaginative visual experience, showcasing Vanderwood’s artistic vision.

While “Shimmy” excludes a vocal aspect, the song in itself does more than enough without relying on vocals to make it complete. The build up of bass and guitar offers a blend of funk, syrupy and track mixed with an upbeat attitude, and recorded at Big Blue North Studio in Utica.

Following the release of his single and music video “Shimmy”, Nick’s EP Reload became the sum of many years as Nick labored to overcome a chronic neck injury that impeded his ability to sing. Nick was kept at a distance from the microphone, as the EP title suggests, he is more than ready to come back with a bang.

Vanderwood is not just a vocalist but writes and performs all instruments included in his solo projects. Over the course of the year, he took this period of silence and healing seriously while creating a silent short film/music video for “Shimmy” included in the EP. His collaboration with monomaniac studios allowed Nick to lean back into acting and sound design.

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