Great Salt City Blues Concert 6 Set for December

The Great Salt City Blues Concert, an annual Syracuse event, will return to the Palace Theatre for its sixth rendition on the day after Christmas at 7:30 p.m.

Held following the holiday every year, the concert series intends to feature ten shows by the end of its run.

great salt city blues

The show will be held in honor of several renowned blues artists: singer Etta James, who the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has called “the matriarch of blues,” blues guitarist Elmore James, who has been named “The King Of The Slide Guitar,” guitarist and Blues Hall of Fame member Sleepy John Estes, and singer Junior Parker, another Blues Hall of Fame member.

great salt city blues

With the night featuring cover performances of their music, participating musicians include the following: Tas Cru, Morris Tarbell, Colin Aberdeen, Ava Andrews, Dave Liddy, Jes Sheldon, Jeff Stockham, Rod Zajak, Ronnie Leigh, Rob Spagnoletti, Jake Capozzolo, Garnett Grimm, Steven T. Wilson, Raedwald Howland-Bolton, Don Williams, Larry Kyle, Lee Tiffault, Mike Davis, and Matt Lomeo.

The doors for the Great Salt City Blues Concert #6 at The Palace Theater, located at 2384 James Street, will open at 6 p.m. and information regarding tickets and more can be found here.

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