This Week’s EQXposure Features Jade Relics, Atelo Songs and more

Each Sunday evening from 7-9pm you’ll find EQXposure on WEQX, featuring two hours of local music from up and coming artists. Tune into this Sunday night to hear new music from, Jade Relics, Atelo Songs, and many more!

WEQX has long been the preeminent independent station in the Capital Region of New York, broadcasting from Southern VT to an ever-expanding listening audience. NYS Music brings you a preview of artists to discover each week, just a taste of the talent waiting to be discovered by fans like you.

Jade Relics – “Mandarine” & “Leave us Alone”

Jade Relics is a collective of Vermont Musicians featuring, Elder Orange, Rico James, IamE. Their debut release is equally infectious as it is danceable all the while carrying a message. The music floats along a hip hop feel with emo heartfelt singing, excellent production and instrumentation creating a head bobbing yet smart piece of music.

Jade Relics previously released “Start Over,” a massive sounding intoxicating grooed out jam about pushing the rest button or at least being forced to do so.

Atelo Songs – “Wish I Could Drop”

Sam Gleason aka Atelo Songs is a singer/songwriter and producer who creates music spanning a wide variety of genres, including rock, pop, folk, psychedelic, and new wave. Getting his start over a decade ago performing at various venues throughout the state of New York, he’s become known for both his powerful and unique voice as well as his strange, story-telling style of songwriting.

Having played shows with artists such as Jimmy Webb and Charles NeVille, he continues to constantly play out throughout New York and has not stopped writing, recording, and putting out as much music as possible. Atelo currently resides in the city of Albany, and has spent the gigless days of the pandemic writing, recording, and releasing singles. See less

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