Black Suit Youth Release Environmental Anthem “The World Is Almost Over”

Alternative rock band from New York City, Black Suit Youth, released their new environmental anthem “The World Is Almost Over,” on October 30. The release date for their upcoming 5th LP, The World is Almost Over, is set for 2021 and will feature the newly released single.

Black Suit Youth

Black Suit Youth blends a combination of punk rock, classic rock and indie rock into their music. The four-person group includes Bryan Maher (vocals/guitar), Fed Canalos (guitar), Juan Orellana (bass), and Ray Mazza (drums). The group’s original name started out as The New York Dynamite in 2004. In 2007, the band changed their name and released their debut album Our Future is History.

A song they eventually scrapped called “A Black Suit For My Youth” inspired the group’s name change. Since their formation, they have has released seven projects and had 10 different members throughout the group’s tenure. The band has amassed various touring experiences including opening up for acts such as Story of the Year, Alien Ant Farm, The Undead, and more. Following their 2017 release of their LP False South, Black Suit Youth looks to lean toward a new musical direction while maintaining their usual punk rock style.

The song is about the reality that we all see, but often ignore things while we deal with our immediate troubles. At some point, the bigger picture is going to become too big to ignore and it may already be too late to do anything about it. History is happening all around us and it gave us the opportunity to film in a desolate, boarded up Times Square, something you’d normally only see in a post-apocalyptic movie.

Black Suit Youth

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In 2016, they signed to 59 X Records and released False South in 2017. Black Suit Youth single The World Is Almost Over will be their second project released under the label.

Here is a look at the lyrics for “The World Is Almost Over” :

When we were young they said our future would be so bright we’d have to wear shades 
Well there weren’t completely wrong 
It’s gonna be so hot we’re gonna melt in our graves 
Now we’re lost inside a mindless paper chase 
As the oxygen is leaking into space 
Yeah the worlds almost over 
Throw a life preserver to a drowning polar bear 
Yeah the worlds almost over 
So have another drink cuz no one cares 
The ocean is the first casualty 
Of our never ending worship of the GDP 
So what is left for you and me? 
When all the fresh water is owned by corporate entities 
I’m sorry to say but things are looking bleak 
It’s the new dark ages so pop off a few more tweets 
Newsflash we’re all gonna die poor 
As the refugees from the countries we destroy are knocking at our door 
We don’t ever take any blame 
It’s always some Boogieman 
We’re too afraid of change 
Yeah we’re dead and gone 
We’re living on krypton 
We pretend it isn’t true 
Yeah we’re dead and gone 
Hallelujah it’s the great beyond 
Ces la vie and bye bye baby blue

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